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    American Toy Fox Terrier Club

    Welcome to the American Toy Fox Terrier Club Website

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    The 2020 ATFTC National Specialty In Oklahoma City has been Canceled.

    Here is our Presidents Letter announcing the Cancellation.

    Hello ATFTC Members,

    I hope this finds everyone doing well.

    It is with much heartfelt concern for our Members, our wonderful Breed and our Club, that the ATFTC Officers and Board of Directors have made a sound decision to cancel our ATFTC National Specialty that was to be held in Oklahoma City, OK in June 2020. We have exhausted every avenue and put many hours in to research, phone calls, emails and communications with all parties involved and feel this is best at this point in time. With the unknown of the Covid-19 ahead of us, people being laid off work and having to make life changing decisions, the fear of travel and to protect the health of our cherished members; this was a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors.

    On the bright side of this we have a few options that will be considered in the near future. There is possibility of postponing our National Specialty to a later date in Oklahoma City, Ok if it can be worked out. Several options will be considered with the best interest of the Members and Club in mind. We are doing everything humanly possible to make this happen for everyone. Please bare with us and support us through these uncharted waters that lie ahead. 

    I would personally like to say Thank you and extend much appreciation to the other Officers and Board of Directors for working so hard, putting in many long hours and working so well together for the benefit of everyone. It is a tough time for all of us and we will get through it. I pray that God will bless and watch over everyone of you.

    Billy Hodges
    ATFTC President



    About TFT's

    The Toy Fox Terrier is truly a Toy and a Terrier, and both have influenced his personality and character.   As a Terrier, the Toy Fox Terrier possesses keen intelligence, courage and animation.  As a Toy, he is diminutive and devoted, with an endless abiding love for his master.  Do not let his size fool you, the Toy Fox Terrier is a big dog in a little package. He considers himself "Superdog" making it clear that he has a huge ego and will dominate almost every situation.


    The American Toy Fox Terrier Club (ATFTC) - the leading not-for profit dog club devoted to the Toy Fox Terrier.

    Mission Statement

    The American Toy Fox Terrier Club effectively provides superior, comprehensive
    information and services to its members. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Breeding

    • Conformation

    • Performance Events

    • Health Issues


    • Foster a mindset of cooperation with the AKC and other organizations.

    • Promote the health and well being of Toy Fox Terriers.

    • Continuously improve the way the ATFTC delivers quality services and information to its membership.

    • Recruit and maintain a quality membership.

    • Secure and allocate resources effectively that provide quality services to its membership.

    • Stimulate member involvement in Club activities.

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