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    atftc round logo

    American Toy Fox Terrier Club


    TFTs excel in performance events such as Agility, Obedience, and Flyball.  To learn more, please contact our Webmaster.

    Recent Performance Titles Earned

    Performance Titles Earned in 2012

    Performance Titles Earned in 2011

    Performance Titles Earned in 2010

    Performance Titles Earned in 2009

    Performance Titles Earned in Q4 of 2008

    Top Agility TFTs

    Top Obedience TFTs

    2008 Top TFTs in AKC Agility

    All-time top TFTs in AKC Agility

    2008 Top TFTs in AKC Obedience



    Top Flyball TFTs

    Flyball Ranking (North American Flyball Association)



    Performance Photos

    Juliette Jumping Lani Agility Jump
    Weaver Jumping thru Tire Blink in Agility
    Angel Retrieving Glove Weaver doing Weave Poles
    Angel Finds Obedience Blocks Trinkit on A-Frame
    agility weave poles  lulu in weave poles