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    atftc round logo

    American Toy Fox Terrier Club

    Top Twenty Breed Competition
    Using Breed Totals for 2011

    1GCH CH Centennial Farms 2 Good 2b True294W Bellamy
    2GCH CH Barbary's That's So Raven232L Smith/P Nieto
    3GCH CH Barbary Rough 'N Ready167C Sutton/R Sutton/J Sutton
    4GCH CH Valcopy C-Lyn Dracula143M Starry/D Plonkey
    5GCH CH Thorsbys Hugely's Finest Fella O'Bj130M Thorsby
    6GCH CH Azefer Hopalongcassidy124L Fast
    7GCH CH Centennial Farms 2 Hot 2 Handle120W Bellamy
    8GCH CH Walton's Crusin Cool111S Cassel
    9GCH CH Prairie Farm Theo Always On My Mind78D Fisher/A Theobald
    10GCH CH Prairie Farm Angel Eyes76K Stanforth
    11GCH CH Xeralane's Playboy73Xeralane Knl
    12GCH CH Walton's Tag I'M It71A Walton
    13GCH CH Trackside Miss Nascar Now65S Bruckschen
    14GCH CH Valcopy Wicked Ways65D Plonkey/R Davis
    15GCH CH Ultra Quest The Real Mccoy61R Lilly/M Lilly/K Mando
    16GCH CH Icefox Tally Ho Nasa Tally Ho60D Temple-Burgess
    17GCH CH Barbary Timbuctoo56D Monette
    18GCH CH Tocute In Your Eyes Only52K Sunnenberg
    19GCH CH Valcopy Billy Flinn52J Moon/H Reitze/D Plonky
    20GCH CH Winstar Royal Piper Of Midlothian50I Bishop


    From The Canine Chronicle